This is a collection of our thoughts on branding what comes to tycoon branding designers when you say branding.

  1. Logo Branding is the most important part of branding our product or service.
  2. The logo must representing your brand image and easily remembered.
  3. It is not necessary, that your brand name should be included in your logo.
  4. Logo can be an object (icon) or text but it should be unique.
  5. Logo colors must be appealing and according to a targeted audience.
  6. We at Tycoon Branding work on logo colors and concentrate on font typography it must be easily readable.
  7. We make themes that are connecting your logo, infrastructure, website, mobile app, indoor branding, outdoor branding, digital marketing, brochures, flyers, etc. all must be connected homogeneously. you can hire our logo design services saperatly too.
  8. Your brand image should be real. Made with real images/pictures/photos, content, and videos. It is important that it must carry your products and services.
  9. You can hire our photography and video-making services.
  10. Brand promoting personality should be likable, mostly all big brands have a face which helps them in brand development.
  11. The face must be likable by a mass audience.
  12. A strong brand creates customer loyalty, faith and that increases the value of your company and business.
  13. The value will grow if you continue to invest in the brand.
  14. Brands are both strategic as well as a financial assets.