We understand and study the behavior of the market before brand launch. Trendscaping, strategic planning, feasibility study, market research & competitor analysis is our bread and butter for R&D before launching a brand. The journey of branding is a very strategic one. Might it be a new brand we are creating or redefining an existing one? Strategy plays a key role in brand positioning, naming, architecture, activation & core values. Everywhere the brand is spending money on marketing a visual aid is present and that visual aid defines the brand value. We create a visual identity, not just fonts and artwork but bringing them to life with brand values.


Some of our clients in branding

Introduction to Branding

What a branding agency can do?

Branding is the process to make your product/service seem different or better than other sellers/providers, with a goal to make your sales or ease of sales growth.

A brand can be identified by just a name, term, symbol, design or other features.


Services we offer as part of branding

Brand Strategy Creation

  • Research (Market analysis, Competitor analysis, etc.)
  • Brand (positioning) & Value
  • Architecture of brand

Verbal identity of brand

  • Name of the brand (Naming)
  • Catchy Tagline
  • Voice of brand (personality)

Visual identity of brand

  • Logo
  • Logo on product/service
  • Brand Identity (designs)

Marketing Planning

  • Strategy creation
  • Product/Service details
  • Awareness creation
  • Photoshoot for product/service.


  • Print media advertisement
  • Brochures
  • Pamphlets
  • Events, shows, etc.

Digital Marketing

  • Videos
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Search Engine Marketing

Updates & Blogs on Branding Agency

Brand – Express and Measure

Imagine a Brand as a personality, as a person. A person needs a name and a personality in identity in terms of what they look like.We Tycoon Branding do the same for Brands at this step we create Brand names and logos to help customers easily recognize the brand and...

3 ways to do Brand Positioning

Shaping how customers think about the brand.We Tycoon Branding identify who those customers are what benefits they seek from your products or services and what they currently believe about those products or services.We're making a direct link between the product value...

6 Benefits of having a BRAND

Benefits of Brand Brand allows you to set higher prices for your products and services.People associate higher quality with branded products. Because people trust branded products and services more.Brands must make and keep their promises.Once your product is branded...

14 simple Branding Briefs

14 simple Branding Briefs

This is a collection of our thoughts on branding what comes to tycoon branding designers when you say branding. Logo Branding is the most important part of branding our product or service.The logo must representing your brand image and easily remembered.It is not...