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Brochures are informative promotional paper documents, primarily used to introduce a company, organization, services, or products and inform prospective customers of their benefits. Brochures are used as a marketing tool but a brochure is a valuable tool for explaining what your company/organization is about, informing or educating your audience, selling products and services, or promoting an event. Tycoon Branding creates a professional-looking brochure design that will greatly improve your ability to communicate or sell your products or services efficiently with a wide variety of audiences. Brochures are distributed in many different ways handed out personally, by courier, as newspaper insert, or placed in brochure racks at high traffic locations like malls, library tourist precincts.


Some of brochure design work, take a look


Designing an e-Brochure

Brochures are now available in electronic format and are called e-brochure or digital brochures. E-brochures have added the benefit of having unlimited distribution and cost-saving when compared to traditional paper brochures. Tycoon Branding designs professional interactive e-brochure, to present your brand, services, or products. You can share on all digital platforms including Whatsapp. Tycoon Branding provides solutions through our team of experienced graphic designers and coders. We design brochures, e-brochures and convert your existing brochure into e-brochure. Digital Brochures are highly optimizable for various digital mediums including the web. You can have a digital brochure designed in pdf or in real-time animations to showcase your products and services.

Your Brochure is a


  • Distribution of Brochures are easy and hassle-free whether you choose to Hand deliver, by email, social media, website, etc. to the targeted audience.
  • Brochures can be used as attachments to proposal or reports.
  • When visiting clients brochures can be used as Leave-Behinds.
  • Brochures can be inserts in press-kits and presentation folders.
  • In classes and workshops brochures are used as Handouts.
  • Brochures are used as informative material about Company, Products, Services, and discounts for prospective customers, employees, and volunteers.
  • Establish Authority: Brochures are highly used to share information at meetings, fairs, conferences, exhibitions and seminars etc.
  • Helps Brands build trust among their customers (evidence that you care)
  • Allows Brands to add Personalized touch without hampering one-on-one communication


There are multiple types in which a brochure can be printed

Bi-Fold / Center Fold

Tri Fold

Roll Fold

Z Fold

Gate Fold

Accordion Fold

French Fold

Double Parallel Fold

Double Gatefold

Die-Cut Fold

UV Embossed


The process of brochure designing

  • Plan your content it must be short & carry high-level specifications. Brochure Graphics often combine text content, schematic & visual representation. Content must be unique & the images you are using must be your own. This will safeguard you from the copyright act.
  • Hire a professional Graphic Design or a Branding Company that can transform your ideas from paper to digital format. Ask your graphic designer to provide you print-ready file for Printing Services and e-Brochure (digital brochure) file for uploading or promoting your Brand on your website, social media e-mail marketing, or Digital Marketing.
  • Points to be cross-checked while designing is going on, Brochure Inside Pages must-have introduction
    part like about us / Vision / Mission, etc. including specification of products & services. Mean to say make sure your Brochure speaks about your present and upcoming plans. Do overlook the content of the Brochure for impact.
  • Brochure Cover page must carry high definition Graphic Images, Logo, Company Name & Punch Line (Tag Line). Don’t utilize the cover page of the Brochure for content about services, products & quality policies etc. The brochure Back Cover must carry your contact details. Even you can ask your reader to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your social media platforms, Prompting the reader to use a specific discount coupon to buy one get one free on services or products you are offering, asking reader to call or email you directly, giving the reader reward points which can be redeemed while they visit your store etc.
  • Tycoon Branding provides high-quality CMYK print ready converted .cdr files with folding and cutting margins reflected. We do provide e-Brochure Complementary with Brochure Designing Services. Let us help you put your best foot forward

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