Logo Designers

  • Create the best first impression with your logo.
  • A logo gives your brand a face.
  • Creating corporate identity with theme designing

Logo Designers

  • Create the best first impression with your logo.
  • A logo gives your brand a face.
  • Creating corporate identity


Some logo designs by us

Introduction to logo designing.

We create logos from scratch providing multiple solutions to our clients according to their needs. There are multiple packages available in the logo designing service provided by us.

With us, you are not just getting your logo designed. You are investing in your brand.

  • First impression matters: Logo Design is the pivotal point of any Brand Identity. It is more like the face of a company.
  • First Step Logo: We at Tycoon Branding are a team of the best logo designers and we design the most logical intricate details of logo graphics.Visual branding is important: The Logo must be combined with the brand reputation you are trying to build. We understand the need for corporate communication and the desire to build a brand.

Different Types of Logo Designs

We design logos that match your SERVICE/PRODUCT + INDUSTRY and are iconic.

Types of logos, designed by the best logo designers all over the globe & their bifurcation:-

● Wordmark Logo: eg. are Google, VISA, Coca-Cola, Yahoo

● Pictorial Logo: eg. are Twitter, hp, apple

● Brandmark Logo: eg. are Mercedes, BM

● Abstract Logo: eg. are Playboy, Pepsi, Nike

● Mascot Logo: eg. are KFC, Macdonalds, Kool-Aid Mascot works if the audience is younger kids, everybody likes to take selfie’s with mascots

● Lettermark Logo: IBM, CNN is made up of Initials

● Emblem Logo: Harley Davidson, Starbucks, Universities

Before logo designing:-

  • A brief idea of what you want?
  • Details that you want the logo to represent?
  • Any color preference?
  • Type of logo you want?

What our logo designing package includes:-

  • Design Concepts
  • Revision in designs
  • Colour Revisions
  • Font Revisions
  • Complimentary visiting card & letterhead designing
Why choose us?

Tycoon Branding is a Professional Logo Designing Company with a dedicated team of Logo Designers.

The design of a logo that we create is based on 5 key elements:

  1. The logo should represent the company’s mission, vision and captures the meaning behind your product or service.
  2. A company logo should be in line with your targeted market, gender-specific, age group, or geographical.
  3. A logo can be a wordmark, initial, brandmark, or combination.
  4. Fonts used in your logo should be clean, clear, readable, and crisp.
  5. The colors in a logo should depend on the targeted market, product, services, and current trends.

Logo Designing Process

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Sketching or sheet drawing
  3. Computer Graphic Designing
  4. Proofing and revisions
  5. Vector finalization

The research behind creating a logo has to be carved from your company’s mission and vision and transformed into brand value. It is imperative to have a clear and clinical logo that may evolve with time. It’s the visual identity of a company and the center of a complex identification system where everyone can correlate and use it in all corporate communications. A logo design should always be simple for the customer but complex for the designer, not the other way around.

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