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As far as product and service promotion is concerned, Flyers/Pamphlets are considered the best advertising tool. Flyers/Pamphlets have irresistible visual appeal and a concise representation of the message. TYCOON Branding the professional graphic designing team creates attractive designs which motivate instant purchasing decision.  Our custom-designed flyers are filled with crisp content, classy designs, and colorful images, Our objective is to make sure that your audiences can read the flyer/pamphlet and instantly make a buying decision.  Whether you wish to launch a new business, build product or service awareness, announce any offer/discount/sale.TYCOON Branding understands the market and stays updated about recent trends. Our Graphic Design team specializes in crafting innovative and the best flyer design services for corporates, clubs, real estate, restaurants,  beauty salons, etc. 


Some of our pamphlet / flyer design work, take a look

Files We Deliver 

  • CMYK print-ready converted .cdr (Corel Draw) File
  • .pdf file as e-Flyer for WhatsApp and digital promotions
  • .jpg file as image promotion for social media

TYCOON Branding

Flyer Designing Thought Process

  • Outlining your flyer/pamphlet strategy 
  • What’s your overall objective for your advertising or marketing campaign? 
  • What role does this flyer/pamphlet play in your advertising or marketing campaign? 
  • Who is your targeted audience? 
  • What are the key message and brand identity elements to be highlighted? 
  • What specific action do you want your audience can take as a result? 
  • How, Where, and When the flyer/pamphlet will be distributed? 
  • What color do you want to use? 
  • Does the Flyer/Pamphlet need to be a certain size or shape?

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